The Snake Forest

There are five Clans in the forest. MistClan, HawkClan, MountainClan, StreamClan, and the evil BoneClan. Do wish to join the brave HawkClan, the sneaky MountainClan, the swift MistClan, the water dwelling StreamClan, or the malicious BoneClan?

Once the first three members make there characters and have them accepted, we all can begin roleplaying!

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The Factory

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Lead Archangel
Lead Archangel
At the western edge of BoneClan territory, where the Industrial District abruptly cuts off in a tangle of grass and old wire fencing, sits one of the largest factories the city possessed. It was the first factory to fall when the Industrial Revolution died away, but the status it held can still be seen in its location - this factory is the closest to the train station. Outside, the place is a gracefully declining wreck, with broken windows, chipped brick, and rusting metal all offering hints to the past. Inside, it is silent and eerie. Machines lie half-covered under cloths, gathering dust and spiderwebs; were it not for this, the factory could have been abandoned just yesterday. Reaching eight stories high, with a basement that is perhaps the most well-built part of the building, the factory roof offers a nice aerial view towards the train station and surrounding countryside. This is a part of the territory that BoneClan defends viciously, having taken over the building with the move to their new camp; such easy access to the train station and the goings-on there is invaluable.

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