The Snake Forest

There are five Clans in the forest. MistClan, HawkClan, MountainClan, StreamClan, and the evil BoneClan. Do wish to join the brave HawkClan, the sneaky MountainClan, the swift MistClan, the water dwelling StreamClan, or the malicious BoneClan?

Once the first three members make there characters and have them accepted, we all can begin roleplaying!

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Old Twoleg Place

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1Old Twoleg Place Empty Old Twoleg Place on Tue Jul 28, 2015 3:41 pm


Lead Archangel
Lead Archangel
Old Twoleg Place Abandoned+suburbThe abandoned twoleg place sits here, always possessing a sinister look almost makes you cower just from observing it. It's decayed and rotten surface is evident just by its appearance. Despite that, it's a treasure trove for the medicine cat; catmint lies in abundance here, filling the entire place with the strong aroma of the precious herb. Lucky for MountainClan, the twolegs have abandoned the place completely, leaving nothing inside but scrawny rats and scraps of leftover possessions. Predators also like to stop by here, though MountainClan works hard on keeping them away, and it is always best to be on your guard when entering

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