The Snake Forest

There are five Clans in the forest. MistClan, HawkClan, MountainClan, StreamClan, and the evil BoneClan. Do wish to join the brave HawkClan, the sneaky MountainClan, the swift MistClan, the water dwelling StreamClan, or the malicious BoneClan?

Once the first three members make there characters and have them accepted, we all can begin roleplaying!

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Storage Spaces

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Lead Archangel
Lead Archangel
There are numerous spots around the warehouse that BoneClanners have reserved for storage, fueled in part that the camp is now far more out of the way than ever before. Extra herbs and anything the medicine cat wants to store are kept on hanging bridge #2, while other, rarely used supplies are placed on bridge #3 (the leader's den is bridge #1). The bulk of supplies, however, are kept underneath the scaffolding and protected by a nasty length of barbed wire, with a large gap for cats to carry things in and out. You can find things here ranging from cloth to wheels to more wire to pans; BoneClan, though always scavenging, has truly outdone themselves in creating a storage that lacks for nothing - again because of the risks associated with getting these things in the first place.

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