The Snake Forest

There are five Clans in the forest. MistClan, HawkClan, MountainClan, StreamClan, and the evil BoneClan. Do wish to join the brave HawkClan, the sneaky MountainClan, the swift MistClan, the water dwelling StreamClan, or the malicious BoneClan?

Once the first three members make there characters and have them accepted, we all can begin roleplaying!

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Elder's Den

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1Elder's Den Empty Elder's Den on Sun Jul 26, 2015 8:44 pm


Lead Archangel
Lead Archangel
The elder's den is the closest to the huge double doors of the warehouse and therefore quite vulnerable. However, it is firmly protected by metal pillars that have been pushed and pulled to form a square around the corner, creating a space about 7 feet wide and 5 feet deep. The pillars themselves are practically impossible to move without coordinated effort, and are about a foot wide and 5 feet high. The entrance to the den is set against the wall, and small enough that only one cat at a time can slide through - in that respect, with the exception of the nursery, it is the safest den of all, with only a siege being the real worry. It has excellent lighting, although it can be rather claustrophobic due to the tall, silver walls, and they can also be rather bright if the sun or moon is shining directly on their surface. Barring all that, if the risk seems to be too great, elders can be moved to Haven, though that means a walk many of them are unwilling to take. Depending on the amount of elders, this den can also serve as overflow for the Healer's den, despite being on the opposite side of the warehouse.

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