The Snake Forest

There are five Clans in the forest. MistClan, HawkClan, MountainClan, StreamClan, and the evil BoneClan. Do wish to join the brave HawkClan, the sneaky MountainClan, the swift MistClan, the water dwelling StreamClan, or the malicious BoneClan?

Once the first three members make there characters and have them accepted, we all can begin roleplaying!

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The Haven (Nursery)

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Lead Archangel
Lead Archangel
Haven is the name that the queens have given to the Nursery. There's really no surprising or fantastical element to this naming - simply put, the queens call it haven because out of all the dens, it is the safest and most inaccessible - perfect for kits. Situated at the back wall of the warehouse, the haven is a small clearing, surrounded on three sides by crates and on a fourth by the wall. Large enough to easily fit fifteen full-grown cats, natural light trickles down from low-set windows to illuminate the haven. A particularly long cargo box creates a ceiling for half the den; in the other half, you can see clear up to the rafters of the warehouse. Reached only through a dark maze made by the cargo boxes, it's equally difficult to find and to get out from. Food and water are brought daily, while a bin for waste is tucked neatly in an out-of-the-way spot in the maze and cleaned every so often. It is entirely possible for kits to never know anything outside of the haven until it is time for them to become apprentices.

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